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has the following concert schedule:


March 12th
Marriott Hotel, Long Beach, Ca. Children’s Benefit League
July 22nd
Hemet, Ca. The Village
August 4th
Hemet, Ca. The Four Seasons
August 13th
Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, Ca.


Modernism Week online Palm Springs, Ca.
August 21st
Wilson Performing Arts Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 5th
Temecula Ca. Pechanga Casino and Resort


January 27th
Rancho Mirage, Ca.
February 20th
Annenberg Theatre, Palm Springs, Ca.
February 28th
Pomona, Ca.
March 23rd
Chicago, Ill.
April 8th
La Quinta, Ca.
April 27th
Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks, Ca.
July 17th
Hemet, Ca.
August 11th
Sun Lakes Country Club, Banning, Ca.
September 7
Temecula, Ca.
September 9
San Antonio Gardens, Pomona, Ca.
September 28th
Gallo Theatre, Modesto, Ca.
December 27th
The Crest Theatre, Delray, Florida


February 13th
Claremont, Ca.
February 22nd
Annenberg Theatre, Palms Springs
March 26th
MTG Benefit Colony Theatre Burbank
April 15th
Palos Verdes
May 5th
Solvang, Ca.
Aug. 25th
Greystone Mansion Beverly Hills
Oct. 6th
The Broad Stage Santa Monica
Dec. 17th
The Kravis Performing Arts Center West Palm Beach, Florida


Feb. 11th
Kravis Performing Arts Center, West Palm Beach, Fl.
May 7th
Santa Barbara, Ca.
March 31
Santa Barbara Fess Parker Hotel
April 2nd
La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
June 17th
Los Angeles Conservancy Los Angeles Theatre
July 20th
Hemet, Ca.
July 29th
Aliso Viejo, Ca.
August 26th
Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills
November 14th
Marriott Hotel Long Beach
December 2nd
Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills


May 15th
Chicago, Ill.
June 23rd
Lake Forest, Ca.
June 25th
Anaheim, Ca.
July 21st
Hemet, Ca.
July 22nd
Boston Court Theatre, Pasadena,Ca.
Sept. 25th
Oxnard Performing Arts Center, Oxnard, Ca.


January 7th
Laguna Beach, Ca.
January 10th
Oxnard Performing Arts Center, Oxnard, Ca.
February 24th
Kravis Theatre, West Palm Beach, Florida
June 20th
Anaheim, Ca.
August 9th
Banning, Ca.
August 20th
Hemet, Ca.
August 30th
Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, Utah
November 7th
Sherman Oaks, Ca.


January 14th
Ridgecrest, Ca.
February 10th
Laguna Beach, Ca.
March 5th
Long Beach, Ca.
April 12th
Solvang, Ca.
May 10th
Saban Theatre Los Angeles.
June 28th
Anaheim, Ca.
July 12th
Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, Ca.

September 15th

Pomona, Ca.
December 10th
Laguna Beach, Ca.


January 8
Pomona, Ca.
January 18
Redondo Beach, Ca.
January 26
Santa Ana, Ca.
February 23
Northridge United Methodist Church
April 6
Solvang, Ca.
April 26
Biltmore Hotel, Santa Barbara Ca.
November 10-16
Crystal Cruise, Caribbean Islands


November 10
Canyon Lake, Ca.
December 15
Tucson, Az.


January 27
Monarch Village Tarzana, Ca.
March 23
Sherman Oaks Women’s Club
April 1
Northridge Methodist
April 2
Kathryn Kurka Children’s Fund Los Angeles
April 29
Topa Tower Club Oxnard, Ca.
June 5
Laguna Woods Ca.
June 18
Ridgecrest, Ca.
July 30
Long Beach, Ca.
September 5-13
Aruba to New York Crystal Cruises
September 23
Broad Stage, Santa Monica, Ca.


February 9
February 13
Renaissance Hotel Hollywood
February 24-March 5
Crystal Cruises Mexico-Hawaii
March 24
Sherman Oaks
June 16
Laguna Woods
June 18-21
Illinois Tour
June 26
Laguna Woods
July 31
Long Beach
September 25
Beverly Hills


February 14
February 20-23
Florida tour
March 6
Yuma, Arizona
March 18
Sherman Oaks
August 1
Long Beach
September 13
Petroleum Club, Long Beach
October 20
Redondo Performing Arts Center
October 24
Playa Vista
November 7
Marriott Warner Center, Woodland Hills


February 14
Freedom Village Laguna Beach
March 25
Laguna Woods, California
April 2
Long Beach Yacht Club
April 5
Laguna Niguel
May 10
Beverly Hills, Beverly Wilshire Hotel
May 22
Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel
June 5
Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel
July 25
Oxnard, Topa Tower Club
September 14
Long Beach Petroleum Club
September 21
Bellflower Civic Auditorium
October 4
Playa del Vista
October 14
October 19
Long Beach
November 14
December 21


February 25
Benefit Orange County Philharmonic Society, Laguna Hills
March 22

Orange County Performing Arts Center

March 23-24
Wellsboro Community Concert Association
April 11-13
Leesburg, Florida
June 17
St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, Mar Vista, California
July 18
Margarite Gardens Alhambra, California
September 6
Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Beverly Hills
September 16
Bellflower Civic Auditorium
September 28
Palm Springs Convention Center Women’s National Republican Convention
November 3
Burnight Center Theatre, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California
If you are interested in attending one of the above concerts, send us an email